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The Charlie Chronicles

This website is for a few friends who knew Charles M. Dillingham, Jr.

  Charlie died February 15, 2011.

Assembled here is the correspondence he exchanged with me, Ken Cashion, from the time we found each other after Hurricane Katrina until his last correspondence shortly before his death.


   Charlie was another poet who took his best work with him when he left us.  We are poorer for his passing, but we were made more complete by his being here and sharing.

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        Charles M. Dillingham, Jr. 

YouTubes of Charlie doing his:

"Another Man's Girl (Old Milan Bar)"

And "3 a.m. Greyhound Depot"

I did only minimal editing of Charlie's correspondence because to censor Charlie is to be inconsiderate of his memory.

  However, much of my correspondence is removed because I am not the subject.  What is left is necessary to give context to Charlie's writings.

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